Hamilton Engineers & Consultants

Around the World

Hamilton Engineers and Consultants have over 250 consultants currently active on projects around the world and access to almost 3000 consultants in our proprietary database. Our consultants have an average of 20+ years of diversified worldwide experience ranging from:
  • planning
  • operations
  • wellsite drilling
  • completions
  • workovers
  • reservoir

Hamilton Engineers and Consultants believe that relationships drive achievements and thus, we pride ourselves in building relationships with our consultants and clients. Our consulting coordinators and managers have known a large portion of our consultants for many years and work to build the most successful teams in order to ensure optimal outcomes.

Drilling, Completions, Production, Engineering and Geosciences

  • Accurate AFE's and cost estimates
  • Quality focus on well control and wellsite safety
  • Effective design of directional path wells (horizontal, multilateral, etc.)
  • Pore pressure and fracture gradient prediction
  • Casing design and casing seat selection
  • Design formation evaluation programs

Well Site Supervision

  • All rig types in most geologic basins and harsh environments
  • Skilled at monitoring drilling operations and optimizing drilling performance
  • Fishing operation and well control support from experienced staff engineers

Fluids Management

  • Drilling fluids programs and product pricing
  • Regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Solids control
  • Hole cleaning

Logistical Support

  • Shorebased and wellsite logistics management worldwide