Hamilton's History


Hamilton Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Lacy Hamilton who, as a drilling engineer himself, built the company into a respected provider of consulting drilling and completion engineers and well site supervisors. Hamilton Engineering, Inc. was purchased by Shoreview Industries, Chuck Brown, and Vista Private Equity Group in 2006. In 2007, Hamilton Engineering, Inc. purchased Atlantis E&P Services who specialized in providing reservoir engineering and geosciences consultants.

The company added Petroleum Engineers, Inc. in 2008 and the entire company became known as Hamilton Group. PEI was founded in 1970 by Al Bellaire, Don Claxton and Skip Kimball. PEI specializes in providing project management, engineering, planning and supervision for oil and gas well drilling, completions and workovers.

In 2010, Hamilton, as we are now known, added our E&P Technology group as well as Praesagus RTPO specializing in exploration and production optimization capabilities, respectively, and are focused on bringing new technologies to the E&P sector of the industry.

Our evolution from 2006 to 2012, allowed a successful transition to a new ownership group in 2012, led by Corinthian Capital.

Hamilton's Commitment to Constant Growth

Through our four distinct business lines, Hamilton is able to provide a complete suite of technical and execution services from consulting to drilling and completion project management services as well as reservoir and geoscience consulting. Our growth has also allowed us to provide a large resource pool of subject-matter-experts to support any project at a moment's notice, worldwide.

With a global footprint, Hamilton has the experience when and where you need it.